Eva Made That!-Nov 3-9

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Here’s our weekly recap of some of the activities we did this week!  Tuesday was Election Day so I let Eva watch You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown.  I told her that “voting” means you get to make a choice about something and that some years we get to vote who our President or other leaders will be.  Then I let her vote for her choice of cereal bar for snack time  :wink:  This photo is actually from last year.  I made her this ribbon to wear when I took her with me to the polling booth.


Our letter this week was I, so we made an Indian corn I.  I actually altered this printout.  The original one had just a straight stick I, but I prefer it to have the little top and bottom lines.  So I used a marker and some white out to change it.

photo 2 (5)

I love this cereal acorn!  We didn’t have any chocolate cereal, so we used chocolate chips instead.  The amazing thing is that Eva glued them on, one by one and at one point even said she liked gluing the chocolate chips LOL!  What an odd kid  :smile:

photo 1 (5)

We also had some fun with Play-Doh.  I played with her for a while and then let her play solo while I started dinner.  She really is such a good kid; after a while she came and told me she was done, so I came over to help her clean up and she’d already done it herself!  Little Miss Tidy  :smile:

photo 3 (3)

We checked out some new seasonal books this week:  Cranberry Thanksgiving, Fancy Nancy: Our Thanksgiving Banquet and Fall is Not Easy.  And although it’s not seasonal, we also got A Visitor for Bear, which is really cute!

That’s it for today!  Thanks for stopping by.

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